Panamax35 is a multi-tasking company, working in the fields of:

TECHNOLOGY and PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT - with many grants awarded, a history of 24 plus U.S. patents, new products, business methods, and technology licensing.

Panamax35 is in a unique position to help companies get their projects
professionally implemented, deployed, or finished using cutting-edge technologies, novel business methods, and industry standard practices; all within your budget.
With the years of experience we have under our belt developing new visual, aural and energy technologies,
creative problem solving isn't something unique and rare
but rather it's just business as usual at Panamax35.

You've made certain that every dollar spent on your project shows up in your finished product,
or can be seen in improved revenue, and this is our philosophy as well.
We at Panamax35 have made every effort to keep our costs reasonable and because of this
we're certain that you won't find a better bang for your buck anywhere.

Over the last four years we have performed extensive review of current green energy businesses and four years ago applied for a U.S. Patent on a new green technology.

This year we are licensing this new green energy technology - Green Energy as a Service ™ GEaaS ™.
The patent has gone through multiple Patent Office Actions
and the patent office has notified us of "allowable claims".
This means that the patent will issue soon.

For more information on this technology and how it can improve your company's bottom line, please email us at the address on the contact page with “Green Energy as a Service” in your subject line.

For more information on the latest projects
please click on the services link or the "Green Energy as a Service" link.

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